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           OVEN FRESH
Sweet and flavored, filled with
the finest cream, Honai wafers are
 the delicious dessert that
everybody desires,Comes in
four delicious flavors,Straw-
berry, Vanilla,Chocolate & 
Buko Pandan.
         COCO BUTTER
A coconut butter-flavoured biscuit.
 It is thick, rectangular in shape,
and lightly covered with a 
scattering of large sugar crystals,
It is often served as an accompa- 
niment to hot drinks, such as
coffee or hot  choco. this biscuit
is totally addictive.
We Pride Ourselves By Bringing
You The Best Quality Of Butter
Flavored Cookies PRETZY butter 
cookies Crunchy and 
oh-so delicious.
        AROUND THE 
An assortment of your favorite 
Honai biscuits, A variety of biscuits,
butter cookies, honey grahams, 
super marie and chocolate biscuit 
inside the pack. and the crispy 
sweet wafer in delightful flavors 
such as Chocolate, Milk, Pandan, 
Macapuno and Buko Pandan.

Freshly Baked ^_^